BURG-WÄCHTER presents “Smart Security”

August 2012. BURG-WÄCHTER presents its innovations from 25.-28. September 2012 on the Security in Essen. Under the slogan “Smart Security”, the company presents intelligent solutions for the protection of buildings and values, which provide maximum safety, comfort and efficiency.
Taking centre stage at the trade show is the innovative TSE XL electronic door-locking system that offers compelling solutions for private homes, offices, doctors’ practices, businesses and hotels, all the way to complete access control systems for large commercial premises. Rather than requiring a mechanical key, doors are opened by numerical code, transponder or biometric modules. These are extremely practical and cost-effective, given that the flexible TSE locking cylinder can be installed immediately on existing doors without elaborate advance planning. The TSE software is available in a number of different versions for up to 2,000 users. And it is not only for doors: safes can also be incorporated in locking plans.

Safer than keys: BURG-WÄCHTER equips both door and safe locks with state-of-the-art biometric modules. These combine highest security levels with comfortable access control options. In addition to the fingerscan module, the company is also presenting another innovation for the TSE system at Security 2012.

Safe delivery of parcels: Complementing their extensive letterbox range, BURG-WÄCHTER has developed a new kind of parcel delivery box that will be available in a range of sizes. It facilitates the secure delivery of parcels even when the recipient is absent – very useful in view of the huge increase in mail order business.

Access control and video surveillance from a single source: As of this year, Santec, specialists in video technology, have joined the BURG-WÄCHTER Group. The combination of keyless entry systems with video surveillance opens the door to new perspectives.
BURG-WÄCHTER KG: hall 10, booth 406
Santec BW AG: hall 2, booth 519