A long tradition and trend-setting innovation in one company.

BURG-WÄCHTER is one of the leading international producers and suppliers of padlocks, door and window security, measurement technique, safes, cash boxes, letter boxes and access control. However, our real “product” is security. People trust in our products as they can rely on them. Find out more about BURG-WÄCHTER.



The history of the manufacture of padlocks in Westphalian Wetter-Volmarstein can be traced back to the year 1750. The “lock making” was a traditional craft and home to numerous families. Even at the turn of the 20th century there were countless small family businesses in Volmarstein where locks were made. With the start of the industrialisation… More information



For many decades, clients from all over the world associate the brand BURG-WÄCHTER with quality products “Made in Germany”. Its roots go back to the 19th century… More information



BURG-WÄCHTER is a family business with a more than 90 years old tradition. Experience and knowledge are passed on from generation to generation. Our success is also due to a corporate philosophy that is not solely focused on products. One major cause is our constant focus on Christian values… More information



“Made in Germany” is the core of our product philosophy. Therefore, the commitment to Germany as production location has the highest priority. This is also a commitment… More information