Who is committed to values, can create values.

BURG-WÄCHTER is a family business with a more than 90 years old tradition. Experience and knowledge are passed on from generation to generation. Our success is also due to a corporate philosophy that is not solely focused on products. One major cause is our constant focus on Christian values that characterise our entire business activities. These values are the foundation on which we make decisions and deal with the people with whom we get in contact as a company. Hereby the trust is created that customers and employees place in our company and which is the source of our success.

The basis for sustainable success.

The success of BURG-WÄCHTER is based on the excellent quality of our products. This quality is based on a very solid foundation – the high sense of responsibility of our staff. They are proud of the results of their work and they know that not only millions of customers have been made happy, they also secure the future of their company.

Further we also take responsibility for the environment. As a traditional Christian company we take the preservation of the creation very seriously. We always ensure the best possible protection of resources and environmentally sound production methods.

The key to the future.

Constant development is the key to shaping the future. We continuously deal with new technologies and develop products that fulfill their purpose even better and better as customers always develop higher demands as well.

Examples are electronics and digital technology. BURG-WÄCHTER is a pioneer in the development of electronic locks for safes. We were able to gain a high level of expertise and experience in this field which now can be applied for innovative solutions in door locks and access systems.

Thus we are able to offer products to our customers that meet the highest security standards and also provide a level of comfort that extends well beyond conventional lock and key systems. And all this at prices that everyone can afford.