PLUS X AWARD – Prize goes to the secuEntry line

September 2015. The PLUS X AWARD – The award for innovational products in the field of technology, sports and lifestyle – honors and awards manufacturers for the qualitative advance of their products again in 2015, the twelfth year of its existence.

The secuENTRY line of BURG-WÄCHTER was awarded with the PLUS X AWARD “BEST PRODUCT 2015/2016” and furthermore received the seal of quality in the categories High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality.

Requirement for a commendation is: the product has to proof its high-quality, it has to be functional and it should be designed in a modern manner. This preconditions have to be complied in order for the jury to vote for an award. And: the product needs to show one or several convincing additional functions, thus corresponding Innovations – the “PLUS X” factors of real brand quality. By means of this concept, the PLUS X AWARD can maintain its intersectoral high reputation as a credible seal of quality.