Burg-Wächter offers security a „home“

secuENTRY 5702 Pincode und FingerprintBurg-Wächter offers a “home” to the issue of security. From September 27, the exhibitor opens its “Home of Security” in the Galeria of the trade fair in Essen. In the area between hall 2 and 4, the manufacturer will present range of products and news – top themes are the issues access, anti-burglary protection and surveillance. The new designed stand at the Security 2016 shall be the gathering place for security experts from all over the world.

Focus electronic access technology and window security

“For us, Essen is a vital platform to bring innovations to the start. We lay the focus on electronic access technology and window security”, said marketing director Gerrit Lüling. To be added are news on safes, locks and post boxes. The security specialist has re-engineered the product line of its electronic door locking systems secuENTRY. The series covers the full spectrum – from entry-level products to the contract sector.

586_uberwachungskamera_santecProduct extension of surveillance cameras from Santec
Video surveillance systems and high security shutters will also be at display. Santec and Secu – both belonging to the Burg-Wächter group – are also to be featured on the stand. Santec presents extensions to the IP surveillance camera series FAVOR, ROYAL and DIAMANT as well as to the HD-CVI camera KARAT. With the high-end video cameras with a dynamic range of up to 140 dB in the WDR technology, the manufacturer further presents news to the functions LowLight, counting heads and retail analysis. In addition, there will be 4K real-time cameras.

Stand with two galleries – a “home” for the emotional topic of security
Inside the 16 metres high Galeria of the Essen fairground, there will be a stand with two galleries for conversations. “We create a place of information and communication”, Lüling underlines, “and a ‘home’ for the emotional afflicted topic of security.”