Product Focus: Burg-Wächter CityLine Safes

CityLine Version ECityLine safes offer comprehensive security with fire resistant insulation, making them the perfect safe for important documents, cash and jewellery.

Every home has a number of important documents such as a will, deeds, birth certificates and financial agreements they usually store in a drawer or file in the back of a cupboard. Hiding them is one idea but with the rise in identity theft, a break-in could leave you vulnerable.

Then there is the risk of fire which could destroy those documents, leading to the time and expense of replacing them. This is why a home safe is always a good idea by having a secure place within the home to store documents, cash and valuables.

You don’t need to hide them either, contrary to popular belief, hiding the safe in a wall behind the family portrait isn’t required. In fact, the more accessible your home safe is, the more likely you are to use it. The only real requirement is that it is securely fixed to either the wall, floor or strong surface. Remember if you can pick it up and walk away with it, a safe isn’t that safe!

CityLine safes by Burg-Wächter offer a good level of security with a £2,000 cash rating and a valuable rating of £20,000, covering the needs of most homes. It’s always worth calling your home insurance provider to confirm the cover of your safe. The “C1” model’s compact dimensions make placement around the home easy, but if you do need a larger safe, the “C4” model offers generous internal volume for larger items of value.

All models in the CityLine range include fire insulation for additional peace of mind should the worst happen. A choice of three locking options; key, electronic keypad and finger scan provide access that suits the users requirements.

Considering a home safe? CityLine safes offer peace of mind and real security for your valuables, documents and cash. Watch our short video to find out why CityLine safes are the ideal choice for your home.