Which “lock type” are you?

Select from four methods: smartphone, e-key, PIN, fingerprint


Unlocking per fingerprint: convenient and secure

Smartphone, ekey, PIN, fingerprint. The “post-key generation” is opening their doors in ways that are smarter, more convenient and safer than ever before. Without worrying about losing one’s keys or illegal duplicates. Burg-Wächter places emphasis on individuality with its secuEntry digital cylinder: Whichever “lock type” you are, you’ll find the right means from one of these four options — or even by using several.

PIN: the key in your head

If you don’t want to carry anything in your pockets, a PIN — a “key in your head” — is always handy and weighs nothing. You can use any 6-digit combination, change it whenever you want and rely on the security it provides. The number is entered on the lit keypad. The secuENTRY PINCODE starter model can accommodate up to 50 users, each with their own PINs.

Fingerprint: always at hand

PIN – the “key in your head” – is always at the ready

Your finger is – literally – always at hand, and doesn’t have to remember any codes. secuENTRY’s fingerprint version also comes with Live Finger Detection, combining convenience and a high level of access security. Programming can done easily and quickly for up to 24 individual fingerprints.

Smartphones: ideal for calling, surfing… and opening doors

Your smartphone is probably your most constant companion. It can also serve as your house key with the security specialist’s free key app, available in all app & play stores. The starter package includes unlocking procedures for 30 different users. If more are needed, upgrades are available.

The free key app turns your smartphone into a door key

Transponder: handy, and safer than any key

Option number four is a handy transponder, basic equipment with every secuEntry model. Unlike its predecessor from the “key era”, losing an ekey poses no danger: its unlocking function can be deleted with one click. That’s the stuff of dreams for classic “key losers”…


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