Access control: Which opening medium would you like?

secuEntry pro 7116 Duo
The latest locking cylinder secuEntry pro 7116 Duo works with six different access media: fingerprint, PIN, or smartphone, active or passive transponder as well as emergency key.

secuEntry pro 7116 Duo now with six media – lock system is geared to the user

Six opening media options – more flexibility is hardly possible. The latest locking cylinder secuEntry pro 7116 Duo from the premium line 7000 has the optimum entry for everyone: by fingerprint, PIN or smartphone, or with an active or passive transponder. There is also a mechanical emergency key.

PIN, fingerprint, smartphone: maximum freedom

PIN, fingerprint, and entry via smartphone, which the Burg-Wächter app allows, represent maximum freedom. In the fingerprint version with live finger detection, 200 to 300 biometric users are possible. In the pincode version, there are even up to 2,000 users possible. For both versions, the batteries in the cylinder manage up to 40,000 openings.

Transponder: active or passive

Users choose between active and passive models for the transponder. The active transponder actualizes 2,000 keys via Bluetooth 4.0 LE; the range is four meters. Its battery lasts for up to 10,000 operations. The battery-free passive transponder opens doors without contact with up to 2,000 RFID keys.

Emergency key: independent in the event of an ultimate technical worst case scenario.

The mechanical emergency key makes the user completely independent – even in the event of an ultimate technical worst case scenario. Opening is possible at any time, which provides reassuring security. The manufacturer supplies two emergency keys per cylinder.

Practical and secure: door opening by fingerprint.

“Responding to a variety of demands in access control”

“With this range, we are responding to a variety of demands in access control,” explains Sebastian Pollok of Burg-Wächter. “The business-oriented locking system secuEntry 7000 with the pro 7116 Duo cylinder is geared to the needs of its users. Every business size and every industry has different needs.” Quick installation and reliable protection are important for all. The AES encrypted data transfer via Bluetooth 4.0 LE corresponds to the highest security standards and prevents manipulations.

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