BURGprotect ™: Smart Home easy and secure

Protection is a basic human need. Who wants to lose something valuable and beloved? Thanks to well-secured houses and apartments, more and more attempted burglaries fail. The home is now even more secure with the new BURGprotect ™ Smart Home system made by BURG-WÄCHTER.

Protection against burglary, fire and water

Smart Home App BURGprotect
Keep your own home under control at all times. With the free BURGprotect™ app, the alarm system is controlled – no matter where you are. In case of emergency, you are informed by push notification about a burglary attempt or if smoke / water is detected

One system, multiple protection. The new BURGprotect ™ smart home series from BURG-WÄCHTER combines protection against burglary, fire and water damage alike. The installation of the system is very simple: Users only need to scan the printed QR code with the free BURGprotect ™ app (for iOS and Android) and the sensor is connected to the alarm system. “When designing BURGprotect ™, we put a lot of emphasis on ease of use and convenience. This way even users without deeper IT know-how can easily install the system,” says Dietmar Schake, Sales Manager at BURG-WÄCHTER. All components can be expanded at any time and adapted to a new living environment.

BURGprotect™ Starter Kit Set 2200 as a perfect introduction to more safety

BURGprotect ™ is controlled by the base. All other devices are linked by the central unit. Thanks to the long wireless range of up to 50 meters and the energy-saving technology, the battery-powered devices can be placed anywhere inside the home. The practical Starter Kit Set 2200 includes the base, two Contact 2030 door / window contacts, a Motion 2010 motion detector and the Control 2110 remote control. With the starter pack, users can create the perfect foundation for securing their home.

In case of a break-in attempt: alarm siren sounds, push notification is sent

This is how BURGprotect ™ works: If a burglar tries to enter through a secured window or door, the user is informed by a push notification on their smartphone. The same applies if the motion detector registers a person. In addtition to the notification message, the Base 2200 provides a 100 decibel loud alarm signal. This is equivalent to the noise of a circular saw which deters burglars and informs nearby neighbors of the burgalry.

Startpaket Set 2200 von BURGprotect
The perfect start into the world of smart home. The Starter Kit Set 2200 consists of the alarm center Base, two door / window contacts Contact, a motion sensor Motion and the remote control.

In case of power failure, the battery takes over, system protected against jamming

An Internet connection is required to operate the system. Advantage: The control unit has LAN, WLAN or GSM (SIM card) and therefore provides three possible Internet access points, making it much more flexible than comparable products. The Base 2200 is also protected against jamming attacks. In the event of a power failure, the alarm system still continues to operate because the Base 2200 has an emergency battery with up to eight hours of charge.

Deterrence: Plug 2140 radio socket simulates that someone is home

Fire and water damage can be just as devistating as a burglary. The Smoke 2050 and Water 2060 sensors warn users when smoke or water is detected so the user can escape to a safe location and reduce the damage caused. A simple method of deterring a burglar can be achieved by making the home appear to be occupied. The Plug 2140 radio-controlled socket allows lamps and TV sets to be switched on and off as if someone were at home. For older or single persons there is the SOS function. It automatically sends emergency messages to contacts programmed into the system. BURGprotect ™ combines protection against burglary and rapid notification in case of imminent fire and water damage. That’s the strength of Smart Home.

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