Secu Entry: the smartphone becomes the key

Essen/Wetter-Ruhr September 2014
Door opening via smartphone. With Secu Entry smartphones become the key – by using the appropriate app. It communicates securely and reliably via Bluetooth or RFID and optionally via NFC. Of course the new BURG-WÄCHTER locking system works with transponder, secret code, fingerscan or face as well. The Keyless Entry mode is a further option. Maximum flexibility at home, for businesses or hotels makes Secu Entry to one of the nine top candidates of the Security Innovation Award.
New world of access with proven wireless technologies
Secu Entry opens up a new world of access: For the first time knobs of only 30 mm diameter are integrated into locking systems, with proven technologies like Bluetooth 4.0 LE and RFID working parallel. In addition, the lock is NFC-enabled. Thus, the user can choose for the most favorable connection type at any time. The power spectrum of SecuEntry ranges from access up to control scenarios.

BURG-WÄCHTER app lets the smartphone become the key
The BURG-WÄCHTER app integrates smartphones as an electronic key into the locking system. Via a Smart Device the locking system can be operated in Keyless Entry mode: When approaching the door the access authorisation works automatically. Opening by using a transponder, keypad, fingerscan or biometric facial recognition are further SecuEntry options.
At Home, in the office or in hotels
The trendsetting locking system with weather-resistant cylinder and keypad will be launched in 2015. Two handy passive transponders are included, thus the system is ready to use. The keypad in a modern design has an easy-to-use touch interface. The standard version of the Secu Entry offers up to 50, the premium version 2.000 access rights. Hoteliers can send their guests electronic access keys mobile via e-mail or push message.