Double security: Diplomat now offers protection against burglary and fire

Essen/Wetter-Ruhr, Sept 2014.
Double security: From now on, the safe protects against burglary and fire. BURG-WÄCHTER has developed a new design for body and door. The special insulation “Fire Protection Concrete” ensures that the temperature inside the safe even remains below 170 degrees at 60 minutes round flame. Thus paper documents are securely protected. At Security 2014, the new diplomat in the “fire test” its double resistance live proof.

No theft, no burn-up
The enhanced safe resists speedy fingers as well as hot embers. The 3-walled body has a special armored fire protection insulation.

Double certification
Grade LFS 60 P according to European standard EN 15659 – thus values withstand high fire temperatures for 60 minutes unscathed. Intruders are the diplomat with resistance grade 1 according to EN 1143-1 on distance. The safe is VdS-tested and ECB • S certified.

Utilisable for private and commercial use
The Diplomat series isutilisable for private and commercial use. Customers can get the safe with key lock or electronic lock ‘SecuTronic’. It is operated by secret code or Fingerprint – the SecuTronic with Fingerprint is the first safe lock that received a VdS approval.