New window security made by BURG WÄCHTER

Wetter-Ruhr/Nürnberg. 16. März 2016.
From now on BURG-WÄCHTER makes burglary protection more comfortable: The new WinSafe window security products (WS 11, 22, 33 and 44) are pre-assembled, can be easily installed and operated. All models – with single or double bolt, for handle, bottom, top or hinge side – are VdS approved and ECB•S-certified. Keyed alike locks make the handling more comfortable.

Secure: Protection for the handle and hinge side
The new generation of WinSafe window locks has stable bolts for high resistance. WS 11 and 22 offer reliable protection for the handle, lower or upper side of single- and double-leafed windows and French doors. WS 33 secures the handle, WS 44 secures the hinge side. Protecting both sides of the frame increases the efficiency and makes it even harder for burglars.

Comfortable: Preassembled window protection – keyed alike locks
BURG-WÄCHTER delivers its window security pre – assembled. This simplifies the installation. Practical for everyday use: Practical in everyday life: Upon request, the WS 11, 22, 33 are delivered with keyed alike locks, you will need only one key.

Proven safe: VdS approved and ECB•S-certified
The new window locks of the WinSafe series are VdS approved for frames made of wood or aluminum and ECB • S-certified. The models WS 33 and 44 with stable zinc housing even secure plastic frames with metal insert.

Versatile: New comfort-bolt – for lifting and sliding doors
Other newcomers are the comfort bolts WR and WZ 60. Solid and versatile bolts which reliably protect lifting and sliding doors, skylights and weak spots in caravans and boats from burglars.