secuENTRY unlocks a new world of access control

secuENTRY 5702 Pincode und Fingerprint

Smart, flexible, powerful, simple, secure – four identification methods – with hotelversion

It is smart, flexible and powerful – while being simple to operate and secure. The new secuENTRY by BURG-WÄCHTER unlocks a new world of access control. At home, in office or commercial applications. Flagship is the secuENTRY pro 7000 series, with four different identification methods – pincode, fingerprint, RFID transponder as well as the smartphone. SecuENTRY offers a suitable KeyApp, which communicates with the cylinder via Bluetooth 4.0 LE. A locking administration software is available for Windows computer – hotels need a special version. Who does not require all of the features should take a look at the two light versions SecuENTRY 5700 and secuENTRY easy.

Complete: Sets with keypad, identification devices and cylinder

Manufacturer BURG-WÄCHTER supplies secuENTRY as a complete package – with keypad, transponder and cylinder. The cylinder fits any traditional door thickness and is installed quickly. The electronic heart of the system combines good accessibility with high security standards. Users send the data straight from the Windows software or through the ConfigApp to the cylinder.

Comfortable: Operating possibilities – four identification methods

In terms of operational comfort, secuENTRY adapts to individual wishes and routines: With the KeyApp, the smartphone becomes an electronic key. Opening via pincode, transponder and fingerprint are further alternatives.

User-friendly: PC-software for small and large locking systems

Users get different, easy to operate PC-software for small and large locking systems. There is a special software package for hotels. The practical secuENTRY transponder is a convenient companion for the guests.

Flexible: Suitable for various applications and scales

“Our goal was to create an extremely flexible, adaptive system that accommodates various needs, applications and scales, while being very secure”, says Sebastian Pollock from BURG-WÄCHTER. “We are working with Bluetooth 4.0 LE and are using a RFID passive transponder of the youngest generation. The cylinder of the secuENTRY pro 7000 series has a time function and records date and time of every entry – for a comprehensive history. The illuminated display is suitable for outdoor use, classified with protection class IP 65 thanks to a semipermeable membrane.”

Light: Series 5700 and secuENTRY easy for users requiring fewer functions

Next to the pro 7000, there are the series secuENTRY 5700 and secuENTRY easy. Tailored to the users who do not require all of the features. This might apply for private households or small businesses. Basis type 5700 does not have a time function. The secuENTRY easy communicates via Bluetooth only and does not have a transponder.