Door eGuard 8200 is watching you …

The electronic door spy hole sees and stores everything

Wer steht vor der Tür? Der neue eGuard 8200 liefert scharfe Bilder und speichert sie auch ab.
Who is at the door? The new eGuard 8200 provides sharp images and also stores them.

Now with record function – 4, 0-inch-display and sharp images for fast recognition

Who is at the door? The answer gives the „Door eGuard 8200“ within a second. Clearly visible on a 4, 0″ TFT Display with sharp images. The recording feature is new: The electronic door spy hole – with integral gong – saves up to 25 photos.  With the latest Door eGuard 8200, the security specialist Burg- Wächter continues to enhance its range in the home-security segment.

Photos can be stored

The eGuard 8200 automatically stores 25 images. Thus, owners can check after getting home who has rung the door while they had been absent. Those who buy an external micro memory card can save up to 2,000 photos.


Large 4,0-inch-TFT-display shows uninvited guests

The large 4,0-Zoll-TFT-display guarantees an immediate recognition of the person who stands in front of the door. Uninvited guests do not have a chance anymore.


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