Bioscience research centre partners with Burg-Wächter UK

A new cutting edge research facility trusted Burg-Wächter UK to protect sensitive information by supplying the only VDS approved biometric lock designed specifically for safes adding an extra layer of security. The lock features biometric finger print technology that offers convenient access to a safe and has a full audit trail, dual authorisation and timed access rights to make sure assets are fully protected.

The client chose Burg-Wächter Diplomats safes that offer certified fire protection, keeping documents safe for up to an hour in the event of a fire. The diplomat is fully certified according to Eurograde (grade 1) EN 1143-1 and fire tested to EN 15659. The institute also use Burg-Wächter padlocks with their own unique key differ, backed with manufacturers certificate for added peace of mind. Burg-Wächter provide a full range of padlocks which can be grand master keyed for large installations.