38,000 burglaries occur in the UK every month

Did you know there are approximately 38,000 Burglaries in the UK every month?

Domestic burglaries can be as high as 54 per 1000 households in high crime areas. Areas of high crime are normally found in major cities. On average across the UK 12 in every 1000 households will be the victim of burglary

Making your home secure always comes down to a calculation of cost vs risk. We can all be guilty of thinking it won’t happen to us.

Households have many expensive items that are desirable to thieves, these include laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. New contactless debit and credit cards can be used without pin number if stolen.

All these items can be replaced but what about the valuables that can’t? Photographs (remember those?!) of loved ones, children when they were young or items handed down through the generations.

Having a quality safe in your home can offer reassurance and insurance approved cover for your cash and valuables cover. Burg-Wächter offer a wide range of accredited safes to protect up to 1 million pounds worth of valuables.

Burg-Wächter is always the safe choice.

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