BURGCam is clearly the superior choice for capturing thieves in the act

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On the 31st July 2018, a group of thieves attempt to steal cars from a housing development. They get into one car and find a set of keys and try to use the keys to gain access to nearby houses. Caught on CCTV by two neighbours, the footage from the incident can be seen and a clear comparison of quality displayed.

Images shown are taken from a BURGcam Dome in night-vision mode, working as a standalone camera, recording to an SD card. The comparison image is an unnamed competitor wired camera system with recording box which costs four times that of the BURGcam range due to installation costs.

The police used the footage and images from the BURGcam to positively ID those responsible.

Due to reduction in wiring and no longer requiring a recorder to be installed by professionals, it is possible to now have higher resolution, clearer and sharper images in both full colour and infra-red. The BURGcam series require just power sourced from the nearest socket meaning no wires running throughout the home to a central recorder.

With a 128GB Micro SD card installed the BURGcam can record at 3MP for 1 week on 24/7 recording or set to motion detection for an average of up to 3 months of recording. More information on the BURGcam range can be found here.