BURG-WÄCHTER declares solidarity with Ukraine and stops product deliveries to Russian partners

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, BURG-WÄCHTER has suspended all product deliveries to Russia with immediate effect. The management of BURG-WÄCHTER said: “We categorically reject any form of violence. Ukraine is a sovereign state that has been arbitrarily attacked by a neighbouring country. Our company, has always stood for peaceful global co-operation based on Christian values such as charity, mercy and justice”.

The suspension of business relations includes all products across the full range, normally supplied by the security specialists from Wetter-Volmarstein. The management of BURG-WÄCHTER continued: “The people of Ukraine are suffering in their home land because of Russia’s war of aggression. Many people have already died and hundreds of thousands have had to flee. We wish nothing more for the Ukrainians than for the war to end and for them to be able to live freely and safely in their country again.”

BURG-WÄCHTER would also like to emphasise that the brutal actions of the Russian leadership should not lead to the stigmatisation of the Russian population. Many of us have established long-standing and solid relationships with people in Ukraine and Russia alike, through professional or personal connections.

BURG-WÄCHTER does not own or operate any production or other facilities in Russia and, until now, distributed its products in Russia, via trading partners.