secuENTRY 5713 sE-Key
secuENTRY 5713 sE-Key

Modern Bluetooth active transponder The active transponder opens all door cylinders in the secuEntry range from BURG-WÄCHTER. secuENTRY 5713 sE-Key is a practical alternative to entering a pin code or swiping a fingerprint. Due to the large storage capacity of … Read More

secuEntry 5702 Fingerprint
secuENTRY 5702 Fingerprint

secuENTRY with finger scan: The electronic door lock of the new generation Opening doors conveniently and safely with your own fingerprint – sounds like future. BURG-WÄCHTER offers you this innovative invention today. From now on, you do not need to … Read More

secuENTRY 5701 Pincode

Open interior and exterior doors: Easy and practical vie Bluetooth with the secuENTRY 5701 PINCODE Are you tired of carrying or even losing your keys? With the electronic door lock secuENTRY 5701 PINCODE this will never be a problem again! … Read More

secuENTRY 5700 Basic-Set
secuENTRY 5700 Basic-Set

The secuENTRY 5700 basic-set: Open your doors with the help of your smartphone or a handy transponder Even suitable for a convenient door opening in the outdoor area. Never take the security risk of losing a key anymore. Either with … Read More

secuENTRY 5705 HALF
secuENTRY 5705 HALF

We don’t do things by halves – except for the secuENTRY 5705 HALF cylinder Open your doors with a handy passive transponder or conveniently via an App on your smartphone. With the optionally available secuENTRY PC software, an accurate understanding … Read More

secuENTRY 5710 Transponder

For a fast and convenient switching of your secuENTRY cylinder You need more than one passive transponder to grant several users access to your electronic locking system? No problem at all: BURG-WÄCHTER offers separate transponders at little cost that you … Read More

secuENTRY Software
secuENTRY Software

secuENTRY PC software: Easy configuration and programming With the help of this software for your computer, you have a comprehensive overview on all users and their access operations. Here, the administration of all the functions and the users is extremely … Read More

iPhone Schloss secuEntry
secuENTRY Key-App

The KeyApp from BURG-WÄCHTER The KeyApp from BURG-WÄCHTER gives an additional option to open/close lock of the series secuENTRY. Beside the well know opening media like pincode, fingerprint or passive transponder there is now a new opening option: the KeyApp … Read More

secuENTRY ConfigApp

The ConfigApp from BURG-WÄCHTER Free App to programme locks of the secuENTRY series from BURG-WÄCHTER. Easy programming of your locks With the exclusive secuENTRY PC software (Light, System, System+) you are able to administrate complete locking systems as well as … Read More