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Radio key TSE E-KEY


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Electronic radio key – handy and well-shaped

For opening your doors with the TSE system, you have the possibility to switch the electronic cylinder with the help of a small, handy E-KEY. The TSE PC software with additional features offers an organised user administration of all E-KEY owners.

The switching of the cylinder and with that the complete opening process happens especially fast and uncomplicated. You do not even need to take the key out of your pocket. Set in automatic mode, the electronic key can be programmed in a way that it switches the cylinder within an immediate range of three metres – now you only need to turn the knob and your access is granted.

Alternatively, you can use the E-KEY in the manual mode: Simply hold the key in your hand and push the access button – the cylinder switches, the door can be opened.

Use an E-KEY for the TSE series, as a main key for several electronic cylinders or even for opening safety cabinets.

A very convenient alternative to a personal 6-digit code.

At a glance: The TSE E-KEY

  • Distance between radio key and door lock can be up to 3 m depending on environmental conditions
  • Manual mode: TSE Wireless opens at the push of a button – E-KEY has to be used
  • Automatic mode (only 5021/5022): TSE Wireless opens after activating the keypad – TSE E-KEY does not have to be used
  • Battery change display, power supply: standard CR 2032 coin cell
  • Optimal use via PC software