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TSE HOME: The convenient alternative to a classic key

From now on, you do not need to carry any inconvenient keys with you: The electronic door lock cylinder of the TSE HOME SET is easy to assemble and offers you a convenient access with your personal 6-digit secret code.

For access, up to six users can be programmed in total. Separately, you can purchase handy radio keys (TSE E-KEY) that switch with the help of an access button or automatically when in immediate range of the door. During the opening process via radio waves, the data is ideally protected against manipulation.

The simple and elegant design of the TSE HOME is not only overly functional but also embellishes your house entrance. The electronic door lock and the matching keypad is available in the colors white and matt chrome.

Compatible with outside and inside doors

The electronic TSE profile cylinder is applicable to all doors with a thickness of up to 120 mm (von 30/30 – 60/60). It can be installed in interior as well as exterior doors.
The TSE HOME keypad is suitable for an assembly in an inside or a weather-protected outside area. For an ideal radio connection between the keypad and the cylinder, the keypad should be mounted in a four-metre range around the door.

The installation is realised with only a few movements. There is no need for any additional drilling. The existing fittings remain completely unchanged. The electronic TSE cylinder simply replaces the mechanical profile lock – Done!
Within the delivery scope, there are batteries included, so that you can put the cylinder and the keypad directly into use.

The complete set for interior and exterior doors includes one electronic TSE profile cylinder, one keypad, batteries and a user and installation manual.

The features of the TSE HOME SET 4001 summarised


  • One million different codes possible
  • Up to 6 users can be programmed:
    One 6-digit code and up to 5 optional radio keys (TSE E-KEY)
  • Optimum protection against manipulation
  • Without mechanical emergency lock


  • For all doors with a thickness up to 120 mm (von 30/30 – 60/60)
  • For interior and exterior doors


  • Keypad can be fixed in a 4 m range from the door


  • Assembly without cabling, drilling, etc.
  • The electronic TSE profile cylinder replaces the mechanical one
  • Existing fittings remain unchanged
  • No drilling – easy to replace
  • Keypad assembly only in weather protected area
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TSE Set 4001 Home W white
TSE Set 4001 Home MCR matt chrome