BURGprotect ™: Smart Home easy and secure

Protection is a basic human need. Who wants to lose something valuable and beloved? Thanks to well-secured houses and apartments, more and more attempted burglaries fail. The home is now even more secure with the new BURGprotect ™ Smart Home … Read More

Prevention instead of panic: burglary and theft protection

Prevention instead of panic. This year’s exhibition by Burg-Wächter on show at Fensterbau Frontale is dedicated to burglary and theft protection. Window and door locks, safes and intelligent surveillance products that protect against criminal attacks will be on diplay in … Read More

Keyless Home: smart, simple, secure

Smart Home: demand is increasing – electronic locks for house and apartment doors are gaining ground Standard for cars and gaining ground at home: keyless entry. Electronic locks are increasingly securing ‘smart homes’. ‘The demand in the specialist trade is … Read More

Caution, burglar …!

New window locks trigger an alarm – also useful as a child safety device.   Caution, burglar …! A new window alarm stops criminals in their tracks. The 110 decibels act as an effective deterrent. The FSA 2020 burglar protection … Read More

Which “lock type” are you?

Select from four methods: smartphone, e-key, PIN, fingerprint   Smartphone, ekey, PIN, fingerprint. The “post-key generation” is opening their doors in ways that are smarter, more convenient and safer than ever before. Without worrying about losing one’s keys or illegal … Read More

Video security: upgrade to HD-CVI standard

Santec BW builds on economical solutions – the simple updating of existing systems Efficient, easy, economical: Santec BW’s HD-CVI solutions implement the latest video security in full HD with little work. “Users can continue to use existing components – analogue … Read More

Door eGuard 8200 is watching you …

The electronic door spy hole sees and stores everything Now with record function – 4, 0-inch-display and sharp images for fast recognition Who is at the door? The answer gives the „Door eGuard 8200“ within a second. Clearly visible on … Read More

110 billion Euros are waiting for burglars

Consumers recognize the danger – Interest in safes and burglary protection increases “The Germans hide 110 billion Euros in their homes.”  This kind of behavior is extremely risky. The FAZ wrote recently that burglars really benefit from this. People hide … Read More

Sunny times: Solar-letter box with illuminated house number

Convenient for deliverers and visitors – made of stainless steel and galvanised steel Essen/Wetter-Ruhr, Sept. 27th, 2016. Sunny times for deliverers and visitors: The new solar- letter box “Malaga” is provided with an illuminated house number. This eases to find … Read More

The secuENTRY conforms every requirement

Smart and adaptable – for beginners and the object range – new add-on modules Essen/Wetter-Ruhr, 27th of September 2016. There are locking cylinders for the private and other for the object or hotel range. And then there is the secuENTRY: … Read More

Safe boom: Consumers invest in their security

Burglary rate and “nightmare” negative interest are alarming Essen-Wetter-Ruhr, 27th of September 2016. Safes are booming. High burglary rates increase the demand. Additionally to this, there is the “nightmare” of the negative interest. “We record a clear two-place increase”, confirms … Read More

Video surveillance is getting even smarter

People counting, heat maps and Smart Tracking Essen/Wetter-Ruhr, 27th of September 2016. People counting via video analysis, Smart Tracking via IP-Speed-Dome, new thermographic cameras and tribrid-recorder – additionally to that: A multifunctional server. Santec lights a real firework of products … Read More

Burg-Wächter offers security a „home“

Burg-Wächter offers a “home” to the issue of security. From September 27, the exhibitor opens its “Home of Security” in the Galeria of the trade fair in Essen. In the area between hall 2 and 4, the manufacturer will present … Read More

secuENTRY unlocks a new world of access control

Smart, flexible, powerful, simple, secure – four identification methods – with hotelversion It is smart, flexible and powerful – while being simple to operate and secure. The new secuENTRY by BURG-WÄCHTER unlocks a new world of access control. At home, … Read More

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